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If you've never before considered a job with us, you might wonder what kind of jobs we offer. Because the range of issues we handle is so diverse, so are the careers available. The list below is only a flavour of the areas we cover and the work we do – so if you don't see an area where your strengths lie, don't worry. You can see all the areas that we're recruiting in by checking the current opportunities on our job search page.


Our Communications Directorate is at the heart of public sector communications in Scotland. It provides specialist advice to Ministers and officials, to ensure the Government’s priority messages are effectively communicated and to influence changes to people’s attitudes and behaviours. Communications specialists deal with the media to promote the policies of the Scottish Government, develop marketing campaigns on a range of issues to engage with the public, handle online communications including the main website, and develop and co-ordinate our internal communications activities.


As you can imagine, the Scottish Government needs all the supplies and resources that any large organisation needs. However, working with a diverse range of partner organisations across the entire central government landscape gives us a much broader scope – and demands a much wider range of skills. We're aiming to bring public sector procurement to a new level of performance, not only developing and defining best practice, but also finding new and innovative ways of finding the best possible value and the best possible quality for the Scottish Government.

Front of House

For everyone who works with us, or makes a visit to one of our offices, it's vital that we provide a safe and secure environment – not to mention a warm welcome. That makes working in our Front of House team different from the average security job. You'll deal with people from all walks of life, from high-level dignitaries to members of the public, so it's essential that you're a good communicator – but you'll also need sound judgement and a cool head to deal with all our security measures and handle any emergency that comes up.

Policy Delivery

In whatever area of Government activity – from Agriculture and Sport to Finance and Justice, this area manages research, analysis and the development of the policies that are integral to achieving our key aims. Working in this area will often involve the management, coordination and interpretation of parliamentary business, as well as drafting responses to questions in parliament and dealing with the response to Freedom of Information requests.

Operational Delivery

With a focus on the provision of the highest quality of services direct to the public, Operational Delivery ensures excellence in projects and processes – and, as such, has significant management responsibilities.

Information Technology

For us, Information and Communications Technology doesn't just help the organisation work – it makes our nation's Government live and breathe. In the same way, a career with our ICT team isn't just a job – it's an opportunity to learn new skills and be part of a supportive team. Providing and maintaining the systems that make effective government possible, our team is evolving all the time – so the range of skills we need is incredibly varied. Whether your strength lies in Web Development, IT Support or Project development software, you can play a key role in our department.


Providing economic information and analysis, our Economics Group supports and promotes evidence-based policy-making across the full range of issues the Government plays a role in. As a key section within the Corporate Analytical Services Directorate, the Economists Group is driven by the Office of the Chief Economic Adviser to be an integral part of the Scottish Government, with strong links and working relationships across every branch of the organisation.

Social Research

Social research provides high-quality, research-based evidence and advice for Ministers and Scottish Government officials to inform policy development, implementation and evaluation. Social researchers help generate new ideas and open debate, challenge assumptions, beliefs and attitudes, test policy ideas and develop a deeper understanding of issues as they affect Scotland.


Our Statisticians Group is not only a vital service within Government by providing the advice and information vital for effective policy development and implementation, but also serves on a broader scale – playing a key role in delivering information for business and the people of Scotland. The Group is over 100-strong, and while it's a part of the UK-wide Government Statistical Service, it’s not a centralised unit – but instead works in small groups together with specific policy area staff.