Skills for success

Training Development

The Scottish Government is committed to your personal and career development. We recognise that at the heart of any successful organisation is a skilled and committed workforce with a shared vision and well-informed career expectations. To help achieve this we have developed a highly focussed range of core Skills for Success to help you manage your skills, training, development and career planning.

When you start with us you will experience a full induction into the Scottish Government introducing you to who we are and what we do as well as letting you know about your Skills for Success and the role you will play - the aim being to help you to quickly settle into your new job. We provide a wide range of learning through our Corporate Training Programme, on the job training, our network of Learning Centres and other opportunities that will help you become an active lifelong learner recognising that your continuous personal development is essential for successful job performance and career development.

Since 1997, we have been a recognised Investor in People (IiP) – and we always seek to work those standards into every area of our operations. Having been successful in our latest assessment, we shall retain IiP gold status until at least September 2018.