How the Scottish Government is organised


As you'd expect, the Scottish Government is a diverse organisation, with a wide variety of different directorates dealing with different topics and managing different issues. In fact, we have over 50 directorates, organised to support our five core objectives of a Wealthier and Fairer, Healthier, Safer and Stronger, Smarter and Greener Scotland. And we also have the central support functions you'd find in any sizable organisation from Human Resources and IT to Communications.

Our Strategic Board is headed by the Permanent Secretary, Leslie Evans, and exists to provide direction and leadership across the whole organisation. There is a Director General for each of the five objectives, plus one for our central support functions.

Outside the main Government, there are also a number of Agencies that have been established by the ministers for a specific area of work, which are either part of a directorate or are a department in their own right. There are also Non-Ministerial Departments, which answer to the parliament, but are not led by a minister.